Mexico Gun Permits

Mexico Gun Permits

Getting Started With A Gun Permit For Your Mexico Hunt

Mexico, with its diverse landscapes and rich wildlife, is a country that appeals to many international hunting enthusiasts. However, navigating the local gun laws and regulations to obtain the necessary permits can be a challenge for hunters unfamiliar with Mexico’s legal framework. However, despite these challenges, HuntsInMexico provides hunters with an easy straight forward process to getting a Mexico Gun Permit for hunting.

We process over 500 permits gun permits each year for hunters crossing into Mexico.

Overview of Mexican Gun Permits

Contrary to common misconceptions, importing your personal hunting firearms into Mexico is not a hassle – it’s quite a straightforward process! However, it’s crucial to note that the cost of Mexico Gun Permits is not incorporated in the hunt price, as this fee is essentially a tax paid to the government.

We handle all the paperwork related to our clients’ Mexico Gun Permits. Even if you aren’t planning a hunt with us, we can still assist you with obtaining your hunting permits. Our role involves checking your guns into and out of Mexico, a crucial requirement. Remember, Mexico Gun Permits are valid for 6 months and must be annulled before the expiration date.

We conduct all our Gun “Check in & out” procedures through the Arizona border ports of entry. After you’ve successfully cleared Mexico Customs from this point, you’re all set to proceed to your deer hunting location.

Expedited gun permit process available

Essential Details For Mexico Gun Permits To Keep In Mind

The temporary gun importation and transportation permit carries a cost of $500 USD. Please be aware that this cost is subject to change without prior notice.

We cater exclusively to the processing of temporary HUNTING gun permits.
For hunting expeditions in Mexico, you are allowed to bring two long guns – a combination of either one rifle and one shotgun, or two of each.
Each gun is permitted a maximum of 100 rounds of ammunition.
Each individual is limited to one permit.
The rifle calibers should not exceed a 32. Cal. (8mm), and shotgun calibers should not surpass a .12 gauge. Rifles with .22 and .223 calibers are not permissible.
Handguns and firearms with a “tactical” appearance are not eligible for temporary importation for hunting purposes in Mexico.
The process of checking guns in and out can take anywhere between 20 minutes to 1 hour. Please schedule your travel plans accordingly.

Processing of Mexico Gun Permits

To ensure efficient processing of your gun permit, we require the following information and documents at least 15 business days prior to your hunt date:
A copy of your US Passport and Driver’s License.
Your full name and date of birth.
Your complete address and contact number.
A payment of $500 USD for your gun permit.
Details of your gun including the brand, model, caliber, and serial number.
Details of your riflescope including the brand, model, power, and serial number.
Accuracy of gun & scope information is paramount! We urge you to verify the serial number meticulously, ideally three times.

Experience the Thrill of Hunting in Sonora, Mexico

Hunting in Mexico can be a thrilling experience, but it is paramount that hunters fully understand and follow the country’s gun and hunting laws. By obtaining the necessary permits, adhering to importation laws, respecting hunting seasons, and practicing safe hunting, you can enjoy a fulfilling and lawful hunting experience.

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